Building value through co-creation of blue sustainable value chains.

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Our common future is Blue. 

It is common knowledge. The oceans and our waterways are critical to our very existence. We borrow the world from the generations to come and we owe them to care better for the sea, our rivers and streams and the life that depend on this environment. 

It is a common obligation. A growing population will require more food in the future. Agriculture is important to feed the world, but as the pressure on fertile land increases, the UN points at the need to increase the share of food and nutrients coming from the oceans.  

It is a common responsibility.  Safeguarding the productive oceans and waterways and ensuring we can harvest from its abundance is a common responsibility. 

Because Our common
Future is Blue. 

At Blue Resource Group we connect the needs of the market with the potential in modern seafood production. We create opportunities that provides value for the whole value chain and cares for both the community and environment in which we operate. Together with selected and likeminded partners we co-create blue sustainable value chains.


Our vision is to craft a better tomorrow -a green world and a blue sea


Our mission is to bring sustainable and high-end seafood products to caring consumers across the world.

We shall be a preferred partner that co-creates strong, long-lasting and profitable relationships based on trust.

Blue Resource Group
operational units

Blue Resource Group (formerly known as Villa Seafood Group) has operations in Norway, Scotland, and the USA. It started as a seafood sales and marketing company in 2005 and has since the grown into a group of operations focusing on blue sustainable value chains reaching into markets all over the world.  Our operation spans from aquaculture, value added processing to sales and marketing.


2005 > Seafood Marketing established
2007 > Seafood Marketing included in salmon farmer Villa Organic
2013 > Employee buyout of Villa Seafood Group (independent)
2015 > Villa Seafood Inc established
2015 > Stake in Arctic Filet acquired
2015 > Acquisition of Villa Seafood UK
2016 > One of the founding partners of Organic Sea Harvest
2022 > Seafood Brands established
2022 > Filetfabrikken established
2023 > Villa Seafood Group repositioned as Blue Resource Group

Blue Resource Group
– a house of brands

Blue Resource Group is a house of brands. Some are owned by our companies; others are owned by our partners. This provides us with a portfolio of high-end sustainable seafood products that can be tailor made to the needs of the end customer.

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Blue Resource Group joined the United Nations Global Compact as part of our commitment to operate responsibly, in alignment with universal sustainability principles, take actions to support society and report to the UNGC annually on ongoing efforts. As we aim to contribute to a green world anda blue ocean, we care for our employees and the local communities in which we operate and strongly adhere to ethical business principles.

Ove Thu

Ove Thu


Founder and CEO of what became Blue Resource Group with an extensive experience as sales manager in ground fish companies as well as salmon companies Pan Fish and Salmar. Has worked in the US seafood industry and experience from establishing and managing Organic Sea Harvest in Scotland and the processing facility Arctic Filet in Norway. Holds a degree from Ålesund University College, innovation management from the Arctic University, Tromsø, and an executive MBA from Norwegian School of Economics.

Egil Ove Sundheim

Egil Ove Sundheim

Director of Marketing and Sustainability

Experience from food industry, marketing agency and a 22 year long tenure with the Norwegian Seafood Council in Norway and abroad. Extensive international managerial experience from marketing, analysis, communication and issues management and market access. Holds a Business degree from Nord University, a Bachelor´s degree in International Business from University of Colorado and an MBA in Finance from University of Minnesota.

Inger Hole

Inger Hole

Group Accounting Manager

State authorized public accountant with more than 15 years of experience from KPMG and Veidekke. Has extensive experience from financial reporting, budgeting, financial analysis, and establishment of internal procedures in multiple industries. Involved in several M&A activities and public listing processes. Came to Blue Resource Group late 2022. Holds a Master´s degree in Accounting and Financial Auditing from the Norwegian School of Economics.


Norwegian Transparency act

According to the Norwegian Transparency Act (Åpenhetsloven), Blue Resource Group and the affiliated Norwegian companies are obliged to publish a due diligence assessment (aktsomhetsvurdering) in Norwegian. Please find our assessment here.

Ethical Guidelines

Please find the Ethical Guidelines and Code of Conduct for Blue Resource Group here.

Blue Resource Group Whistleblowing Channel

Blue Resource Group and its affiliated companies will not tolerate any form of misconduct or violation of our Ethical Guidelines and Code of Conduct. Any critical conditions, such as violations of statutory rules, internal rules, policies or ethical standards, such as bullying, harassment, discrimination, corruption, money laundering or any other financial fraud, and will make efforts to ensure a safe, healthy and legal environment in all our business activities and legal units.

Please submit any concerns by filing a report through our whistleblowing channel. Submit a report.